Tired of your ‘long-distance’ relationship with the bar? Let it come home to you!

So you love house parties where friends can come together and party long into the night without worrying about the bar closing down at the stroke of midnight. Or simply want to have a ‘private’ corporate affair in a non-restaurant setting without compromising on the benefits of a fully-serviced bar because hey, no alcohol, no fun! Do you always miss out on the fun at ‘your’ party because you were too busy fixing drinks for others? Or want to throw a party at home but don’t want to dip into your personal bar collection.

Scratch that. Do you want a well-lit up bar and a professional mixologist who can wow your guests with fancy drinks?

Just pick up the phone and call Barmobile – India’s first portable bartending service!

Barmobile is a first-of-its-kind portable bar service which comes with a Full-fledged Bar Setup, an Experienced Two-Member Team (a Mixologist & a Bar assistant), Standard Bar Tools, Drinkware, Straws, Ice, Paper Napkins, Stirrers & Coasters. The portable bar is pretty compact and can be set up anywhere. Yes, whether the party venue is your living room, your terrace, the poolside or out in the lawns, Barmobile professionals can turn almost any location into a full-fledged bar set up within 15 minutes!

Oh and this part will make the ladies very happy – if you worry about after-party mess, please don’t. The Barmobile team immediately cleans up spillage and their glass ware is party-proof and doesn’t break easily – so no mess! They even help you procure the necessary liquor permits for your party so you don’t have to worry about the legal nitty gritties.


Article courtesy www.bootlegger.in